Beyond the Reaches of Fame


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When I started reading fan fiction a couple years ago I was hooked. Hooked is probably the wrong word obsessed is more accurate. To give you an idea of how obsessed I have read well over 60 fan fics in the past 3 months alone. I can't even attempt to count everyone I have read since it all began way back then but I would imagine that I have read at least a third of the ones out there minimum. I know that a lot of people love links to fan fiction so I decided to comply by making a list of some of my favorite Beatles Fan Fiction Sites. Those of you who would like to be added to my list send me your addy and if I like it I will add you too. If you want to add your link your fic must be either A) completed or B) updated at least once every 2 months. I put this restriction only because I don't want to send my readers to dead links that just sit there and never get updated.

Make Love Not War

Robin Girl's Groovy Beatles Cavern

God Bless The Beatles

Loopy Ali's Beatle Fan Fic Page

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